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Bed Bugs.

Quickfacts about Bedbugs


  • Bedbugs are excellent hitchhikers. Often times, we find that they have entered homes by travelling on suitcases after a trip or something like a gym bag.
  • Bedbugs are known as the vampire bug because they eat or suck our blood to survive. When fully grown, they can go up to a year without a meal.
  • They are awake when we are asleep. So it is hard to know that you have them until they have grown to an infestation level.
  • Popular signs to look for are spots of blood on your bedsheets, black dots appearing in the corner of the ceiling, bite marks on yourself or your family, and bugs in the cracks and crevices of your mattress.

Our Relief Solution

Our Bed Bug Treatment package includes:
  • A free inspection by our professional technicians to verify your infestation¬†
  • Once verified, our technicians will meet with you to develop a personalized treatment plan
  • This treatment plan includes a minimum of three customized treatments one week apart
  • After we have removed the bed bugs from your house, our technicians will teach you how to prevent a re-infestation & explain our Best Case Scenario promise to you.

How to Prepare for Our Bedbug Treatment



Our Best Case Scenario Guarantee

This Best Case scenario Guarantee is meant to assure you of a successful treatment. This promise includes:
  • A lowest price guarantee
  • Personalized treatment plans
  • Free continual support via our diverse support offerings
  • And a 90 Day warranty to assure you & relieve you of any concerns. We will help you eradicate your pest! (see warranty below)



FREE per year
    • We will come to verify a infestation

Bed Bug Package

$750 min 3 treatments
    • Includes a 90 warranty from start of 1st treatment
    • Consist of 3 treatments spaced one week apart

Free Warrenty

FREE for 90 Days

    Includes a 90 warranty from start of 1st treatment
    We are so confident in our services, we promise free weekly treatments until your infestation is eradicated.


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