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  • Mites thrive when the temperature is between 40˚F and 85˚F.
  • As a result, they are normally most active during the spring & an occasional fall. Choosing to lay their eggs in the winter & then recede into the cracks & crevices of your home.
  • When temperatures are above 85˚F, they can’t survive. This is why you see less of them during the summer.
  • Too much fertilizer used on the lawn or shrubbery against the house can often be causes of these mites entering your home.

Our Relief Solution

Petieco’s Mite Treatment:
  • Begins with an interview & home inspection. During this time, we will analyze your home for potential concerns involving lawn care habits, exterior crevices, shrubbery concerns, etc. & then offer advice on how to avoid further exposure. 

  • Next, we develop a customized treatment plan.

  • And then, proceed treat both the interior & exterior of the home.

   This Service does include a free 30 day Warranty

Start at

$150.00 $400 max
    • No Contracts
    • Free 30 Day Warranty Included

Our Competitors

$$$ per treatment
    • Long Term Contracts required
    • No Warranty


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